Analysis & Intervention

An approach where deep analysis & specialist intervention generates alpha rather than leverage alone

Broadwell has a differentiated investment strategy and is able to target highly complex ‘off the beaten path’ investment opportunities that have inherent tangible value.

Broadwell seeks to generate alpha for investors through a combination of rigorous pre-acquisition analysis and post-acquisition specialist intervention. Broadwell looks to unlock and add value across all industries and sectors, tackling the most multifaceted of opportunities. Broadwell’s investment strategy allows the team to pursue a diversified range of opportunities across all geographies however, Broadwell will predominantly focus on Europe. Broadwell targets deals with a minimum investment size of US$100 million; however, it will also consider smaller deals should the risk/return warrant it.

Broadwell consists of a highly experienced board of senior investment professionals with over 100 years combined investment experience and a long track record of successful investing.